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The strawberries are now starting. As I mentioned before, there is a limited amount but do they ever taste good with all this sun! So come on down and see what you can find! We are open Mon and Wed from 8-8, Friday from 2-8 and Saturday from 9-6. We will be closed Tues, Thurs, and Sunday.

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Last August, we had a week of cold weather which made the strawberries go dormant because in Sept they started blooming and then it froze. This had never happened before so we wondered what they would do this spring since it is in fall when they set the the buds for the next year. We have noticed that not all the plants have berries this year altho most of them do. In January we had a warm spell and not much snow cover which caused a lot of the plants to winterkill. So between these two things that Mother Nature threw us, we do not have a lot of strawberries this year and they may not be very big, much to our dismay. We are cutting back on our hours and I will post them on our home page and also on facebook. We will also cut back on our pre-picked since there is not enough, so there will be a limit of 3 pails per customer of pre-picked. We did not plant any vegetables this year, either, but we do hope you come out and have an ice cream, hopefully get a few strawberries, and enjoy your day!

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The greenhouse is closed for the season, unless you need a few more begonias or white geraniums! Just call if you're needing a couple more flowers and we will be happy to help you. Our strawberries should be ready in about 3 weeks, they are blooming nicely and if you need a job, you could come help weed them!

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Our Story

   We, as a family, started a small patch of strawberries in 2001.We wanted a project we could do together with our five children and everybody likes strawberries! We added more as demand grew and also learned a lot as we went along. We are constantly getting rid of old plants and planting new ones. We grow them in plastic so the weeds are kept to a minimum; it also keeps the berries clean and they ripen a little earlier. We grow the June-bearing variety called Kent which bears in July and part of August, and we have added a later variety called Malwina which bears from end of July to about the end of August. Both varieties have large berries and are sweet.


   In 2007 we decided to meet the demand and now grow and sell a variety of vegetables. We try to always have the in-season ones available for you to just come and buy or you can pick your own.


   We have also planted raspberries. They are floricanes by the name of Red Bounty and Prelude, and primocanes by the name of Double Delight.


   In 2010 we built a small building with a cooler and covered deck and now have a nice, clean washroom!! Most everything is wheelchair accessible. We have swings and a slide for children. We will allow pets if they are on a leash or stay in the vehicle. So bring your family and enjoy yourself—we look forward to serving you!


   In 2011 we added CSA Shares.Please visit our CSA Page for more information and sign-up.


   We started selling Foothills Creamery soft ice cream in 2013. Come try our famous milkshakes and sundaes made with real fruit! Since then we have added a couple lunch options: El Salvador pupusas, hot dogs and fresh salads. Try the fresh strawberry pie or take home a fruit crumbles to bake! 


   In 2015, we started growing bedding plants in our greenhouse and now sell quite a variety every spring!



The last few years have not been too great due to weather, and our children have grown up and gone on to pursue other interests, so we have decided to close our business. It has been a very enjoyable 21 years with our family helping to provide you with fresh produce and we will miss it, but feel the time has come to do other things. We would love to keep in touch with you so don't hesitate to call or stop in! And if you have any good ideas what we can do with our land, let us know!

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