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Strawberry Update

Last August, we had a week of cold weather which made the strawberries go dormant because in Sept they started blooming and then it froze. This had never happened before so we wondered what they would do this spring since it is in fall when they set the the buds for the next year. We have noticed that not all the plants have berries this year altho most of them do. In January we had a warm spell and not much snow cover which caused a lot of the plants to winterkill. So between these two things that Mother Nature threw us, we do not have a lot of strawberries this year and they may not be very big, much to our dismay. We are cutting back on our hours and I will post them on our home page and also on facebook. We will also cut back on our pre-picked since there is not enough, so there will be a limit of 3 pails per customer of pre-picked. We did not plant any vegetables this year, either, but we do hope you come out and have an ice cream, hopefully get a few strawberries, and enjoy your day!

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Call for an appointment

If you would like to pick strawberries, please call 780-957-2911 to set up an appointment since we have closed our regular hours. There would still be a few pails of strawberries that could be picked,


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