Microgreens? Yes! We are pleased to be offering them this year! What are microgreens? Basically the same as sprouts, except grown in soil and harvested at a more mature state. Tender young greens that pack a flavourful punch, along with a solid dose of nutrients and vitamins.  Excellent for salads, wraps, sandwiches, or as garnish on gourmet foods. The opportunities are endless!

At this time we are offering Pea shoots. They taste similar to fresh peas, Oh! so good!

Some of the more popular varieties:

We are only growing peas at this time, but if you'd like to see other varieties please let us know!

Alfalfa (sprouts)





For wholesale orders of 3lbs or more please call or email us for more information

Delivery options:

We are sorry we cannot deliver for any orders under 3lbs, unless it can be arranged with another order.


To Grande Prairie there will be a standard $10 delivery charge for any order under 6lbs.

Orders above 6lbs can be delivered free of charge to Grande Prairie or anywhere's within 30 km of Crooked Creek

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