We are sorry to inform you that this year we have decided not to do CSA's. We appologize for the inconvenience. However, you may order veggies from our online store, and we will probably still do a delivery to Grande Prairie once a week. 
Vegetable CSA

Fresh veggies every week! 

  • Share Sizes:

    • Large Share

    •        Feeds about 4 people

    • Small Share

    •         Feeds about 2 people

    • Personal Share

    •          Feeds about 1 person

  • Starting the  second week of July, you will receive a box of veggies of whatever we have ready that week! 

  • This lasts 12 weeks, ending near the end of September.


Questions and Answers:

What if I need to go on vacation?

  • You can put your share on hold and then reschedule for another week.

  • Get a friend or neighbour to pick up your share and let them enjoy them for a week or two!

What if something doesn't grow?

  • Some years some veggies grow good so you get lots, and some years they don't so you might not get some kinds of veggies at all. It all depends on how the weather is and whether nature lets it grow or not! 

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